Why Choose Finance Advice Group

One of the Group’s core differentiators is that it offers a better alternative for advisers who are looking for genuine help and support to grow their client base in a compliant and professional manner.  As standard, the Group supplies its advisers with leads, access to its fully automated back office systems, new product training as well as in-house compliance support.


Recognising that the delivery of continuously improving and compliant products and services are integral to growth and success. We ensure that our passion for excellence permeates all levels of our organisation and every aspect of our operation.  For us, the Adviser’s needs are always paramount.  As a consequence, we invest a great deal of effort and resource in capturing Adviser feedback from all parts of the advice process.  We strive to provide our Advisers with a five-star service as standard – employing the use of smart, intuitive technologies to ensure that our service is precisely configured to needs.

The Group aspires to recruit advisers from a broad range of backgrounds, but we are particularly interested in:

  • Established Mortgage, Loan and Insurance Advisers or Firms from within the industry who would like to take advantage of a better Network proposition.
  • Experienced Advisers who are currently employed, but want to make the transition to becoming self-employed. Either to run their own business or simply enhance their earnings potential by advising under the support structure of an established Firm.
  • Advisers who are already self-employed, but feel that they are getting insufficient support under their current Network or Firm they are working with.
  • Individuals from outside of the Financial Services industry who are looking for a change of direction and a fresh career challenge. Either by starting a Franchise style business with us or just joining as one of our in-house advisers. In both instances, we have the resources available to provide the required training, support and mentoring to get you CeMAP qualified and trading competently.

So no matter what your current circumstance, what direction you want to go or what you want to achieve we have everything in place to help you achieve your aim.